The Reader is the Story

IonCreanga.com is an online platform addressing children's life events through personalized stories.

Families and friends use our publishing engine to infuse beautiful narratives and art into our unique stories, for actual people who have a name, a personality and a unique experience to convey.

Started in 2009 by three dads (as an amusement for their 7 kids, combined), IonCreanga.com aims to become a friendly and familiar provider for content personalization on all tablets and eReaders.


By now, every fifth grader knows that once the content is digitized (be it music, text or images) it becomes interactive and can be personalized. We feel motivated to manipulate digital objects, to adapt them to our needs and even moods. Once digitized, the same content can be reproduced and sold in minimal quantities, down to a single unit.

The era of large publishing houses as central sources and gatekeepers of the content is eroding. The publisher no longer decides what the reader should be offered, but the reader himself creates the stories s/he needs or wants sharing with others.

In a strange way we are coming back, full circle, to the pre-Gutenberg model, to the barons, dukes and bishops of the Middle Age, even further, to the pharaonic scribes model. Back then, the rich elite used to order a hand written book, about whatever they desired. About a family tradition, or a special event in the life of one of its members or to present a particular gift to somebody. Back then, the reader knew what s/he needed, and had the means to have it.

IonCreanga.com, through its model, enables the "new elite", the new dukes and pharaohs (the Internet users!), to order their own incunabulum.


IonCreanga.com is pioneering an exciting new approach publishing. Our powerful customization platform offers users and readers as well as creators a content-rich, interactive application to select and interact with our content until a totally personalizable story is established.

Our initial collection offers titles that support and counsel children or families in challenging situations. In our first collection, IonCreanga.com brings together proprietary or user-generated supportive content with unique features, addressing children's emotional needs and helping parents to communicate about their own complex issues. Parents can feel secure that the privacy and safety of their children's information is our chief priority (link).

Please reflect about joining our team. We are looking for children's books writers and illustrators to help us assemble a collection of stories centered on all the main issues a child can face (link). The best titles will be retained for publishing and promotion using our technology platform, linked to all the major online book distributors.

Interested? Please drop us a line.