For Creators

Three contributors are important for Bookata: the one who writes the words, the one who conveys pictures and lastly the writer of your, the reader, the end user.

The writer and the illustrator own the story; its copyright will always be yours. Bookata keeps just the copyrights for marketing and distribution of the personalizable version. You can pitch your work to any conventional publisher, before, after or during your relations with Bookata, relation which you can terminate any time.

Our publishing concept clearly requires a certain level of humility for a creator to allow the reader to modify the text and/or the illustrations. But think about the impact you can have on their life?

Also, think about the endless contractual/monetary possibilities you might have when the reader is contacting you for commissioning a single personalized paragraph or illustration, in order to better personalize the story.

We offer you global exposure, keeping all the generic copyrights for you and potentially unlimited orders for new variations of your works, from eager readers using our platform when looking for the ultimate personalized book.