For Parents

On this page you will find everything you need to know about how we keep the site safe and secure for you and your children.

Our books were originally conceived for parents as the end users. Our beta trial revealed that the very stories we made available for you were being used by your make books for their...parents or grandparents. Having children taking the leadership creating their own books induce Bookata into a new level of safety and privacy issues.

Therefore, we want you to know that:

(1) We don't have a sharing nor a chatting engine built into Bookata. Your child's information cannot be shared in a real time exchange with anyone.

(2) We do not keep your public profiles. After you have finished personalizing a book and have sent it to the recipient of your choice, the book is not saved on our server, unless you have expressly requested it, for additional use.

(3) Bookata books are meant to be private and shared only with people you choose/you know/you trust.