For Partners

For charities:

We can work with you in creating unique books for your fundraising and / or awareness campaigns. Imagine hosting a moving and touching interactive children's book on your website where people donate funds in exchange for the privilege of being able to personalize, download and/or print a totally unique story, related, of course, to your cause. Your cause IS your story.


For enterprises:

We can work with any retailer, manufacturer or distributor in creating unique, personalized books related to your field. Imagine hosting a moving, touching interactive children's book on your website (or your affiliates'), reflecting or promoting your product/brand/service. Imagine also sponsoring (and thus lowering the price of) a particular book and enable kids to access it for free. Your brand IS your story.


For developers:

We are eager in working with you on any of our ePub titles that you can transform into a new app. Please contact us with your ideas.